Good material are required for the cabinet and the latch for cabinet doors, especially if you want to keep whatever you're holding inside the cabinet safe and secure. Most often you will see cabinets inside regular homes, especially in the kitchen. In a simple home, design and sturdiness matters more than the security as it's not meant to protect but simply contain. But within industries you often want to keep things more secure as the content often are more important on top of industries being harder to keep an eye out on who goes in and out of buildings, rooms and so forth. There's a higher risk of thievery and sabotage happening at industries too, so to have the material and latch for cabinet doors be strong is important if you want to keep things safe and secure.

Good containment

Within most industries, you want good locks, latches, and many other access solutions that can help keep unwanted people out and equipment protected from environmental hazards, temperatures and so forth. Depending on what and where, you need different solutions, different materials and things to make sure that the access solution you get fits your specific needs. Cabinets, encasement for generators, server rooms. There can be all manner of things that you need and use, depending on the industry you're in and the conditions at the place you store things at. A strong latch for cabinet doors itself can make sure that no one can open it without the right key, even if they have some tools in their disposal.